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Weibo is an exceedingly popular microblogging platform and social networking website in China that is comparable to its American counterparts – Twitter and Facebook. Enabling the Chinese people to freely express themselves in real-time and on a global scale, Weibo has garnered a massive amount of following that contributes to its success.

Since its launch in August of 2009, Sina Weibo has been expanding its domain and is making it evident that it is keeping its place at the top ranks. Boasting an average of 69.7 million daily active users, businesses from China’s neighbouring countries have been making major tweaks to their advertising campaigns to reach the thriving Chinese market through Weibo.

Why Sina Weibo?

With 156.5 million monthly active users (June 2014), Weibo has proven to be the leading social media platform in China that provides an excellent way for public self-expression and a place for users to discover rich and relevant Chinese-language content. Businesses are also tapping the prospering market in China using the intelligent hybrid of major social media components Weibo offer:

  • Impressive blogging platform that allows brands and consumers to interact directly through comments
  • E-commerce that authorises merchants to create product catalogues on their Weibo accounts
  • App integration

Designed to increase brand awareness and connect with potential and existing customers, Sina Weibo bridges the gap between the 400,000 companies that applied for enterprise accounts and their loyal followers. Allowing businesses and organisations to create Professional Pages and offering flexible advertising and marketing solutions, companies can effortlessly tailor their campaigns to reach their vast audience in China. With Weibo’s extensive solutions, it is no surprise that Weibo generated over $59 million of revenue from advertising and marketing alone (Q2, 2014).


Our Capabilities

Many businesses within the Asia-Pacific region recognise the impact of using Weibo to reach the massive Chinese audience and a number of global business giants are already catching up. For enterprises seeking to localise their advertising and marketing campaigns in China, establishing your presence on Sina Weibo is now more important than ever. BNCS can help you expand your reach and bring your brand, products and services to your Chinese audience.

Account setup and basic account optimisation
BNCS will take you through the stages of creating a Weibo account and ensure that all necessary information on your brand, products and services will reach the Chinese community online.

Localisation of weibo services
Adapting your brand, products and services to the local culture is vital in building presence on Weibo. Our team of professionals consider all aspects of localisation that will enable a successful market entry.

Engagement with subscribers
Our competent strategists at BNCS will develop creative approaches to spark conversations, engage your subscribers, and build a strong relationship between you and your followers.

Weibo advertising
Our team maximises the wide range of advertising solutions Weibo offers to assure brand identity and authority. We develop well thought-out strategies to effectively reach your targeted audience and generate leads to sales conversion.

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